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Delta Labs Co-Founder, Cindy, Interviewed on I by IMD Session!

We are thrilled to announce that Cindy was recently featured on the prestigious I by IMD Book Club.

In a riveting session at the I by IMD Book Club, Cindy Candrian, co-founder of Delta Labs, and co-author of "AI & You: A Guide to Understanding How Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping Our Lives," engaged in a profound discussion about the transformative power of AI. The book, co-authored with Anne Scherer, serves as a beacon of insight into the intricate world of machine learning and its overarching impact on our lives.

Facilitated by IMD’s Professor of Digital Strategy and Cybersecurity, Öykü Işık, the conversation traversed the landscapes of AI, reflecting on the innovative ethos and human-centric approach championed by Delta Labs. Cindy shared, “Even if we have these amazing tools, they're useless if people aren't going to use them," emphasizing Delta Labs’ commitment to developing accessible and user-friendly AI solutions in the domain of hybrid intelligence.

🌐 Explore the full article on IMD 


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