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Our View Shared in SRF Interview

In a recent interview with SRF, we were asked about our opinion on the fake Michael Schumacher interview that was created by generative AI.

It's undeniable that AI has made it easier to create convincing fake content; however, it's crucial to emphasize that it's ultimately up to the user to determine how this technology is utilized. Creating counterfeit interviews or news articles is not only unethical but also perilous, as it can deceive people and potentially lead to harmful consequences. As a society, we must be wary and critical of the information we come across, particularly on the internet. Verifying the sources of any news or information is vital before accepting it as fact.

To sum up, we wholeheartedly maintain that employing generative AI to fabricate interviews or news articles is intolerable and deserves condemnation. Let us all collaborate to encourage responsible use of AI technology.


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