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Understanding User Trust in Technology: A New Publication by our Team

Cindy Candrian, Anne Scherer

Human Factors

We are pleased to announce the release of a research paper by the driving forces behind Delta Labs AG, Cindy Candrian and Anne Scherer. This publication, featured in the respected Human Factors journal, delves into the intricate relationship between terminology and user trust in technology.

Key Insights:

The words used to describe a system—be it "AI" or "algorithm"—can make or break your trust, especially when things go wrong. That's right! Our research in the prestigious Human Factors journal shows that calling a system "self-learning AI" helps it win back your trust way faster than if it's labeled a "rule-based algorithm."

Implications for Businesses:

It's not just about tech; it's about the people using it. These findings push the envelope on human-centric AI design, showing us how the right words can enhance your experience and keep you engaged, even after a hiccup.

Further Reading:

For those interested in a comprehensive understanding of our methodologies, insights, and the broader implications for businesses, we invite you to peruse the full paper.


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