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Our Triad of Transformation

Rooted in the belief that the future of business lies at the intersection of human intuition and AI-driven innovation, our triad is designed to guide enterprises through every stage of their AI journey. From nurturing a deep understanding of AI's potential to refining AI solutions that resonate with brand ethos, our triad empowers businesses to shape, not just adapt to, the future.

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AI Capacity Building

We equip your team with the essential knowledge and advanced skills to successfully navigate the intricate world of data and AI. Our commitment is to foster a deep understanding and hands-on proficiency.

  • Knowledge Workshops: Immersive sessions designed to demystify AI and its transformative potential.

  • Speaking Engagements: Thought leadership to inspire and inform.

  • Research & Publications: Staying at the forefront of AI advancements.

Strategies for Human-Centric AI

We recognize that the true power of AI lies in its seamless integration with human workflows and needs. That's why our focus is on melding AI's capabilities with human insight to create solutions that are both rooted in evidence and centered around human experiences.

  • Data & AI Strategy Formulation: Tailored roadmaps for AI integration.

  • Automation Experience Design (AUX): Designing Automation with a Human Touch.

  • Conversational Design: Designing Conversational Experiences that resonate.

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Human-Centric AI Refinement

Deploying AI solutions is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. That's why we offer specialized services like prompt engineering workshops and LLM fine-tuning to align AI technologies with your firm's specific requirements. But we don't just focus on technicalities. We go the extra mile to ensure that these AI solutions are human-centric, tailoring them to be not only high-accuracy but also intuitively aligned with your team's needs and expectations. Through our unique approach, we transform your AI systems into user-friendly tools that resonate with people, maximizing both technological potential and firm success.


Hybrid Intelligence - The Best of Both Worlds

Delta Labs pioneers an approach to AI that is grounded in empirical evidence and rigorous analysis: Hybrid Intelligence.


This approach elevates human needs and knowledge as indispensable within the AI ecosystem. Artificial Intelligence, with its vast analytical capabilities, serves as a toolset. However, it is the nuanced human perspective that refines, directs, and contextualizes these tools to align with intricate business challenges and objectives. A synthesis of independent studies and comprehensive research underscores the efficacy of Hybrid Intelligence as the paramount approach for businesses aiming to harness AI's potential.


By converging human acumen with AI's precision, we position businesses at the nexus of innovation and strategic foresight.


We Are at the Forefront of Research


Scientific publications and book chapters


Conference presentations and talks




Where AI Visions Become Reality 

Our diverse expertise, evidence-based approach, and commitment to creating human-centered strategies set us apart, making us the ideal choice to navigate your AI journey with confidence and success.


Interdisciplinary Blend

We design technology with people in mind. We consider not just the functionality and efficiency of our AI solutions, but also the impact on and interaction with users. This results in AI solutions that are both effective and user-friendly.

Our team combines knowledge in psychology, technology, and data science with a business mindset. This enables us to design and deliver AI solutions that are deeply aware of the human and business aspects involved.

Cutting-Edge Research

Our strong academic background and connections to leading institutions like ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich enable us to apply the latest, most innovative AI research and methodologies to your projects.

Evidence-Based Approach

We rely on a rigorous, evidence-based approach in all our projects. This ensures that the solutions we develop are not just innovative, but also reliable, accurate, and robust.

Domain Know-How

Our deep domain-specific knowledge in marketing, combined with our ability to fine-tune LLMs, allows us to create GenAI solutions that not only meet your technical requirements but also align with your brand's strategy and objectives.

Committed to AI Literacy

We are committed to empowering your team through education. We provide training and workshops, backed by our proprietary methodologies and our book "You & AI," to help you unlock the full potential of AI in your organization.



Meet the Founders

At Delta Labs, we unite academic knowledge with hands-on experience. Delta Labs was born out of passion for the human in a technology-enthusiastic world. We're here to make AI work for you.


Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Cindy Candrian

  • LinkedIn

Cindy is an expert on AI, human factors, and quantitative methods. With a PhD in the domain, she has developed a deep understanding of how data and technology can be used to improve decision-making. Her research has been published in leading journals and presented at global conferences. At Delta Labs, her aim is to develop innovative, tailored AI solutions for firms based on state-of-the-art methods. She is the co-author of the bestseller "You & AI".


Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Matthias Schaller

  • LinkedIn

Matthias is a professionally trained data scientist, a full-stack developer by experience and an entrepreneur by passion. He combines his experience in advanced data analytics and software development with a scientific rigor gained through his PhD at the University of St. Gallen. At Delta Labs, he is on a mission to make Big Data and complex analytics as accessible to humans as humanly possible.


Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer

Dr. Anne Scherer

  • LinkedIn

Anne is an experimental innovator and expert on consumer psychology & technology. Before co-founding Delta Labs, she was an Assistant Professor at the University of Zurich and served as a Global Future Council for the World Economic Forum. Her work has been featured in leading scientific journals as well as in major media outlets. Her 2020  TEDxTalk on our conversations with machines has received over 1.8 Million views. She is the co-author of the bestseller "You & AI".


Co-Founder and Chief Happiness Officer


  • LinkedIn

Benji is the mascot of Delta Labs. He is passionate about brightening up every day and spreading pawsitivity in meetings, talks, and workshops. His favorite hobby outside of work is chasing frisbees or learning new tricks. He has earned a PhD in being the best boy.





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